Corporate Finance

Extraordinary finance operations

IDP, as Corporate Finance Advisor, supports companies in extraordinary finance activities related to investment plans in order to support their growth and provide a balanced financial structure. As we are based in London we support the firm when they intend to start an internationalization process. In particular IDP provides support to UK and foreign companies looking to expand on the global stage and make high quality investments in the dynamic UK economy.

Through the analysis of the company’s strategic objectives and financial opportunities, we carry out company assessments, we help companies to draw up business plans and assist them in the process of obtaining additional financing, following the entire process.

IDP seeks investors and financial partners, working alongside companies to achieve a balanced financial structure.

Our consulting activities cover the following areas:

  • Analysis of strategic objectives
  • Drafting of business and financial plans
  • Preparation and review of business plans
  • Feasibility studies for extraordinary finance operations
  • Benchmark analysis: market, sector and competitive positioning
  • Evaluation of the extraordinary finance operation
  • Assessment of financial and business risks
  • Research of potential national and international industrial and financial partners
  • Assistance in all phases of the operation
  • Project financing
  • Internationalization process